Seven Easy Steps

Seven Easy Steps to Be A Consignor

  1. Sign up/Register
    • Register Now: New Consignors / Returning Consignors -- It's easy! There is no payment or big commitment required. Just give us your contact information so we can give you more information as the sale gets closer.
  2. Gather Children's Items to Sell
    • Only have a few items? Have a whole truck load? Great! We'll take whatever you have. Read about what items to sell
  3. Enter Item Descriptions/Prices Online
  4. Print Price Tags and Attach to Items
  5. Drop Off Your Items
    • Schedule a drop-off time and bring your items to the sale location.
    • Leave a large bin or box clearly labeled with your name and consignor number with us in order to pick up your unsold items at the end of the sale.
  6. Track Your Sales Online / Go to the Sale and Shop
    • As the sale progresses, you can log into your account and track your sales. Remember, you'll get 70% of the sale price for each item! And while you're waiting to bring in some cash, stop by the sale and get some great items you might need at great prices!
  7. Pick Up Any Unsold Items 
    • If any of your items did not sell during the sale, and you chose not to donate them, you will need to pick them up at the designated time on Saturday. If you marked to donate unsold items, we'll take care of the donation for you, just wait to receive your check in the mail for your items that did sell!
That's it! Consignment sales are easy and fun. Remember, you can always start small with just a few items and add more later. If you have any questions, please email Margaret or Ang at or call (480) 648-8581