Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Seasonal Children's Consignment Sale?
    • Twice per year, local families gather quality used children's items (clothes, toys, accessories, etc) to sell. Each individual preps their own items for the sale through the use of an online consignment program, allowing each consignor to make a high profit (70% of the sale price). There are days set aside right before the sale to drop off items. Then the sale takes place over multiple days, with times set aside for presale, public sale and 1/2 off sale. To be part of the presale, anyone can register to be a volunteer to help set up, staff, or clean up the sale. Consignment sales are known for having a large variety and selection of quality used items at great prices. Shoppers get great deals, Consignors make money and Volunteers get to shop early. It's a win win win!

When and Where are the Sales Held?
    • The sales are held every year in October and March. Fall/Winter clothes are usually part of the October Sale, and Spring/Summer clothing is at the sale in March.
    • Go to our Next Event page to find out when and where your next chance to shop or buy will be.
What can I Sell or Not Sell at Your Sales?
    • Go to our page What to Sell for general guidelines about what is and is not accepted. 
How Can I Be a Consignor?
    • Simply register as a consignor before the sale and prep your items to sell. Follow these easy steps.
What Do I Have to Do To Prep Items for the Sale?
Why Do I Have to Prep the Items Myself?
    • That's how we are able to have such a large number of items at each sale. And that allows the consignors to make a high profit on each sale.
    • In the future we plan to offer a full-service consignment option, for consignors who don't have time to prep items themselves and are happy to accept a lower profit per item.
How Do I Decide What Price to Set for my Items?
    • You can choose whatever price you want. A general guideline is one-third of what you paid at retail. Your items are more likely to sell if you set them at lower prices and if you mark the items to be sold at half price. If you set the price too high, your items may not sell. Here are general pricing guidelines to get you started.
Do You Know Where I Can Find Hangers to Use for my Items?